The rise of AI-enabled Hardware is a huge opportunity

Artificial Intelligence and especially Visual Deep Learning (VDL) is a disruptive technology that is the basis for new generations of breakthrough products and services. With the rise of AI, companies across all industries face a demand for smarter products. However, these novel products and services meet increasingly strong requirements for cost- and energy-efficiency as well as data privacy. Edge Deep Learning AI is an emergent technology which can address these requirements. Unfortunately, many SME and larger companies with a low AI technology maturity level (Low-AI Company), especially in Europe, are very weakly positioned in this hyper competitive environment, as they lack the skills, resources and financial strength to capture this technical opportunity. They need specialized AI-software building capabilities, knowledge of
compressing AI models, embedded system architecture and edge hardware components and integration. Without significant investment into their in-house capabilities they risk to fall behind and be displaced. 

This is where Nomitri comes in: We make creating on-edge and real-time visual intelligent products 10 times easier and faster. Our edge vision AI technology suite E.V.A. enables any company to build complex but cheap and energy-efficient VDL-enhanced products at a fraction of the time, costs and risks they would incur if they did it on their own.

Our tech approach

Nomitri pioneers in building industry- ready products using cutting edge embedded deep-learning vision AI.

Our Technology in a Nutshell

Core technical features: World-class level performance

  • Efficient network architectures for all common vision tasks: object detection, depth estimation, classification, semantic segmentation, etc.
  • Up to 80x model compression during training and deployment
  • Inference latencies well below 10 ms
  • Heavily optimized vision inference engine with below 30 ms total latency per image
  • Broad AI-accelerator support

Listen to our CDO talking about deploying PyTorch Models @Embedded Vision Summit 2021


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