Visual Intelligent Pick&Pack Solution

We reduce picking errors of human pickers and enable faster, more complex picking processes to save time and money.

Problems We Solve For You

Picking Errors

Picking wrong item, quantity, expired products etc. with large impact for

Low Picking Speed

Long picking time results in high amount of personel, too much traffic in warehouses and long delivery time.

Process Non-Compliance

Process non-compliance of warehouse personnel is major hurdle to optimize productivity.

Measurable Results

Nomitri’s Intelligent Pick&Pack solution has been ‘live-in-operation’ since August 2022 and has proven to create major value for our customers. We are currently working with global Quick-Commerce players to help them improve their store operations.

1,8 FTEs

saved per Shift

per micro-fulfilment center (MFC), resulting in significant reduction of costs. 

2 Months


Our retrofit & smartphone-based hardware strategy reduces CapEx requirements by a factor of 10 or more.

Incidence Reduction

Our Vision AI alerts pickers & supervisors when errors are made, resulting in a reduction of up to 51% of incidents.

How our product works

  1. Download Intelligent Pick&Pack App on Smartphones or Tablets
  2. Put it on mount to overlook commission cart
  3. Embedded visual AI Assistant ’sees’ when mistakes are made (picking error, non-compliance) and notifies picker
  4. Multiple orders picking enabled to increase speed while reducing error rate

It takes very little from you to get started

With Nomitri, it takes very little to test our solution: In only 5 days, we create an API connection and set-up the required process to let you experience the power of our simple, yet highly innovative product.

Download the app to smartphones, mount the phone to your picking cart, add separators to your cart and you are good to go.

No cloud infrastructure set-up, no camera or sensor installation needed.

No Wifi

Experience a live demo

Get answers to your specific questions and find out why Nomitri is the right choice for your business.