Our retro-fit SmartCart solution allows you to turn any shopping cart into an AI-enabled Self-Checkout Solution.

Problems We Solve For You


Provide your Shoppers with a smooth & fun self-checkout experience

Fraud Detection

Our AI-supported technology detects errors in Shoppers’ behaviour

In-Store Digital Sales

Provide shoppers with real-time product recommendation & sales offerings

Measurable Results

Nomitri’s Intelligent Pick&Pack solution has been ‘live-in-operation’ since August 2022 and has proven to create major value for our customers. We are currently working with global Quick-Commerce players to help them improve their store operations.



Shoppers love our solution and would recommend it to others

27 Minutes

Average Screen-Time

On Average, customers look 27 minutes on the screen when shopping with EmCart, giving every retailer a great opportunity for real-time communications  


frequent users

More than 50% of app users shop with our EmCart on a regular basis

How our product works

  1. Download Intelligent EmCartTM App on Samsung Tablets 
  2. Put it in casing to retro-fit any shopping cart
  3. Edge Visual AI Assistant “sees” when shoppers make mistakes (forgot to scan, wrong quantity/products) and notifies shopper for auto-correction as well as store manager for check
  4. Digital cross- & upselling enabled on tablet during shopping trip

It takes very little from you to get started

With Nomitri, it takes very little to install and allow your shoppers to use our retro-fit SmartCart: In only 5 days, we integrate with your inventory and PoS system for shopping and self-checkout management.

Our highly professional hardware partners set-up the retrofit solutions for your shopping cart and then you are good to go.

No complicated camera or sensor installation and calibration. No need to close your supermarket. We make things simple and fast.

Deployment in easily available devices

Can be easily retrofitted to your existing shopping carts

Requires Wifi only at the entrance and exit

Can be set up at your site in just 5 days

Experience a live demo

Get answers to your specific questions and find out why Nomitri is the right choice for your business.