AI-enabled Human Pick&Pack for Retail & Logistics

Measurable Results

Nomitri’s Intelligent Pick&Pack solution has been ‘live-in-operation’ since August 2022 and has proven to create major value for our customers. We are currently working with global Quick-Commerce players to help them improve their store operations.


Picking Time Reduced

per micro-fulfilment center (MFC), resulting in significant reduction of picking resources needed.


Net Promoter Score

during beta tests in selected MFC’s & supermarkets.


Incidence Rate Decrease

Our Vision AI alerts pickers & supervisors when errors are made, resulting in a reduction of up to 21% incident rate.

2 Months


Our retrofit & smartphone-based hardware strategy reduces CapEx requirements by a factor of 10 or more.

Our Partners & Customers

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Our Partnership with Zebra

We at Nomitri have recognized the importance of a strong partner network early on and are proud of it. We have also been working together with Zebra for 1.5 years now. Together with Zebra we cater the needs of our customers by bringing our software solutions to them on Zebra’s new generation devices, which are even more durable and steady and perfectly suited for our use cases in retail and logistics. 


Benefits of Embedded Deep Learning Vision AI

Embedded Vision AI brings the power of Deep Learning from the cloud to the Edge. It enables responsive real-time AI applications as images are processed immediately on-device. It does not only respect data privacy by design as no image data is being sent to the cloud, but by leveraging energy-efficient Edge hardware it also drastically reduces the energy footprint.

No Wifi

We are

We teach smartphones, edge devices and embedded systems to see – intelligently.
In a real-time, energy-efficient and privacy-preserving way.

We combine experience, professionalism and drive with team spirit, creativity and room for experiments to enable innovation at the forefront of AI. We are passionate and visionary in everything we do – always striving to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions that make a difference for people.

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