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Senior C++ Computer Vision Engineer (gn) @ AI Venture, Berlin

About the job

Our cutting-edge, well-funded AI-DeepTech Startup Nomitri based in Berlin is looking for a Senior C++ Engineer with a background in image processing/ Computer Vision who is ready for the challenge of building world-class on-device AI technology.

You will join our world-class engineering team (ex-Facebook, ex-Amazon, ex-ASML, etc.) to help us stay on top of the latest developments in the Computer Vision & Deep Learning space.

You will be part of an amazing innovation-driven growth story:

  • We are pioneers in the field of embedded & mobile AI inference applications, repeatedly tackling technical challenges as the first in the world. Over the last 4.5 years we have built up a mature tech stack that allows us to develop and deploy new applications within weeks.
  • We are product-driven and have already two products in live usage/ production.
  • We look for highly motivated and curious minds – striving to become true experts in their respective fields. Hence, we offer the flexibility that you need to contribute – we offer you to work on-site or in a hybrid manner.
  • We are and always have been a very international team.
  • We are fast and agile. No hierarchy, no walls, no politics. At the end of each week, we see our progress. We discuss, we plan, and then execute; all together and in respect of each other’s contribution.

Here’s what we are looking for:

We are looking for a Senior C++/ Computer Vision Engineer to support our existing senior
experts in improving our core ML inference and Computer Vision software stack as well as
spinning out new products and service new customers.

We have AI enabled building blocks for all Computer Vision tasks from which we can flexibly
and quickly form concrete products. Our core strength is making image processing and AI
model inference extremely efficient so that we can achieve high performance even on mobile
and small embedded hardware.

You will contribute to a broad spectrum of topics ranging from implementing modern C++
concepts and architecture to getting to work with multiple ML/ AI inference frameworks and optimizing for different hardware architectures.

Challenges and technologies that you will be working on, include:

  • Modern C++ (C++17 and C++20)

  • ML model inference frameworks like ONNX, Libtorch, NNAPI, SNPE

  • Android native interfaces through JNI and protobuf

  • objects tracking

  • high efficiency video recording

  • Inference profiling across various platforms

  • cross compiling and deployment of our third party dependencies

  • maintaining, improving and deploying our current solutions at scale

Job requirements

Required Skill-Set

We value intelligence, curiosity and a solution-driven mindset higher than existing skills. 

Still, for this role we expect you to have experience in:

  •  In-depth experience in C++ coding concepts and memory management
  • Solid baseline in Computer Vision or image processing
  • Good understanding of CMake
  • Familiarity with professional software development tools & concepts, like git, Agile
    development, containerization, CI/ CD

Additionally, it would be great if you already have experience in any of the following:

  • CI / CD
  • Docker / Containers
  • ML inference engines like PyTorch, ONNX, NNAPI
  • Conan or similar package managers
  • Android native (NDK and JNI)
  • Android app development with Kotlin, Gradle build system
  • Working with embedded systems/ cross-compilation

Apply here or email us at: and we will get back to you – guaranteed.