Bringing AI-enabled Fraud Detection & More to your SCO Terminals

Problems We Solve For You

Fraud Detection

Reduce loss by evaluating human behavior 

Fruit & Veggie Recognition

Immediate identification of fruits & vegetables at the Self-Checkout 

Age Estimation

Age estimation discreetly happens during the transaction process

Measurable Results

A large global retailer conducted a several-month long evaluation of >10 camera based SCO fraud prevention and produce recognition solutions and selected Nomitri as one of the top 3 vendors to go into a live pilot in 6 stores and 2 countries. 

Nomitri’s embedded AI technology enables our solution to be the only one on the market that can run on fist-sized embedded platform that can easily fit into existing SCO furniture and that runs completely on edge and is thus offline-capable.

We are also in talks with several SCO hardware vendors to run directly on the POS hardware for 2024’s hardware releases. 


Loss Rate

Data depends on the country and market segment. But typically retailers find that their loss rate at least doubles when switching to self-checkout. 

Our system reliably detects intentional fraudulent and unintentional user errors and provides the store staff with all relevant information in real-time to ensure a smooth intervention flow.

User convenience

Handling produce and bake-off

Selecting produce or other items that are sold by piece of weight (without a barcode) can be tedious for your customers.

Our AI helps them in selection process, streamlining your customers’ checkout experience and accelerating the checkout process. 




Customer acceptance is crucial. That’s why we deliver more thean 99% precision on our fraud alerts, meaning we rarely bother your customers and staff with false alerts.

At the same time we still achieve >95% recall on most fraud behaviors, meaning you can be sure that we catch the black sheep among your customers reliably.

How our product works

  1. Equip your existing SCOs with a small USB or network camera & an embedded unit sized 10cm x 10cm that easily fits into your SCOs
  2. Edge Visual AI Assistant “sees” when shoppers make mistakes (forgot to scan, wrong quantity/products) and notifies shoppers directly at the SCO for auto-correction as well as store staff for conducting checks
  3. Our Fruit & Veggie Recognition ensures a seamless Self-Checkout for your customers by eliminating the need for manual produce search
  4. Age Estimation for restricted sales ensures a seamless transaction throughout the customer-journey 

It takes very little from you to get started

With Nomitri, it takes very little to install our AI-enabled retro-fit SmartSCO to reduce shrinkage and enable automated Fruit & Veggie recognition and Age Estimation. 

In just a few days, we integrate with your POS system for seamless self-checkout management.

Our highly professional hardware partners will only install a small camera and an embedded unit to your existing SCOs. No need to close your supermarket. 

We make it simple and fast. 


Deployment in easily available devices

Can be easily retrofitted to your existing SCOs

No WiFi or Cloud Infrastructure required

Can be set up at your site in just 5 days

Experience a live demo

Get answers to your specific questions and find out why Nomitri is the right choice for your business.