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Senior Deep Learning Engineer

Our cutting-edge, well-funded AI-DeepTech Start-Up based in Berlin is looking for a Senior Deep Learning Engineer who is ready for the challenge of building world-class on-device AI technology.


We just successfully closed our seed round with renowned VC Atlantic Food Labs and are rolling out two disruptive products to global customers. Hence, we want to enrich our world-class engineering team (ex-Facebook, ex-Amazon, Cambridge, etc.) with an ambitious Senior Deep Learning Engineer to bring our models and MLOps pipelines to the next level. 


You will be part of an amazing innovation-driven growth story:

  • - Series A Financing planned already for this fall and as part of the team, you will benefit from both a competitive salary plus equity package that allows you to benefit from our value-growth.
  • - We are already 20 people from 12 different nations - all with complementary and world class work experiences which accumulate to 139 years. Check out our team members here
  • - We came together to do something new and highly innovative in the field of Embedded Deep Learning Vision AI. Hence, You will work on building cutting-edge technology and products that are not yet available in the market. Hence, every day work is challenging as well as rewarding. If a steep learning curve is important to you, this is the opportunity.
  • - We look for highly motivated and curious minds - striving to become true experts in their respective fields. Hence, we offer the flexibility that you need to contribute - we offer you to work on-site or in a hybrid manner.
  • - We are fast and agile. We break things if needed to improve and adjust fast. No hierarchy, no walls, no politics. At the end of each week, we see our progress. We discuss, we plan, and then execute; all together and in respect of each other’s contribution.

If you are up for this challenge and way of work, then please contact us! We really like to get to know you!


Here’s what we are looking for:

We are looking for an experienced Deep learning Engineer to support us in doing state-of-the-art research, development and MLOps. 

We work on object detection, scene understanding, self-supervised learning, representation learning, model compression, efficient architectures and many other exciting topics. 

You will contribute to a broad spectrum of topics ranging from implementing research ideas over improving our training and deployment pipelines to enhancing our data quality and efficiency.



Python, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, PyTorch, MLOps, Model Compression, Self-supervised learning, SQL, GCP


You will cover all phases of the ML life cycle and production-grade development

  • - Assess and solve new ML use cases
  • - Go from scoping & design to production
  • - Build and improve our internal ML framework
  • - Automate and stabilize our training, evaluation and deployment pipelines
  • - Build new ML models and efficient architectures
  • - Improve our model compression technology
  • - Improve our self-supervised pre-training methods
  • - Build tools and use the tools you build
  • - Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), auditing, build tools for auto-labeling 
  • - Maintain and extend our relational databases
  • - Manage our on-premise and cloud storage and compute resources

Required Skill-Set

For this role we expect you to have solid experience in:

  • - Writing maintainable and production-ready Python 3.x code (Jupyter notebooks don’t count!)
  • - PyTorch and PyTorch Lightning
  • - Running and managing experiments
  • - Doing meaningful parameter/model studies
  • - Developing original ideas
  • - Understanding and implementing research papers
  • - Vision Deep Learning models and methods
  • - Structuring your work on new topics
  • - Relational databases and SQL
  • - Git for code version control
  • - Linux

Additionally, it would be great if you already have experience in any of the following:

  • - Efficient Deep Learning models
  • - Model Compression
  • - Knowledge Distillation
  • - TVM
  • - ONNX & ONNX Runtime
  • - PyTorch Mobile
  • - Computer Vision
  • - Working in a research lab/group as PhD candidate/postdoc
  • - Git CI/CD
  • - Docker/Containers
  • - Cloud storage and compute


Apply here or email us at: info@nomitri.com and we will get back to you - guaranteed.

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Position: Senior Deep Learning Engineer

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