Position title
Senior Deep Learning Research Engineer


Python, PyTorch, Self-Supervised Learning, Representation Learning, Model Compression, Computer Vision

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Deep learning Research Engineer to support us in doing state-of-the-art research and development on self-supervised learning, representation learning, model compression, efficient architectures and many more exciting topics. You will follow the latest research, evaluate new results, present ideas to the team and implement the best bits in our framework to bring them to our products.


In your role, you would help us to

  • - Maintain an overview over the research landscape
  • - Improve and extend our in-house research workstreams
  • - Bring research ideas to production
  • - Get the most out of our data with SSL
  • - Work on scalable and efficient representation learning
  • - Improve our graph optimization and model compression pipelines
  • - Add new modules to our efficient model zoo

Required Skill-Set

For this role we expect you to have solid experience in:

  • - Writing maintainable Python 3.x code (Jupyter notebooks don’t count!)
  • - PyTorch and PyTorch Lightning
  • - Running and managing experiments
  • - Doing meaningful parameter/model studies
  • - Doing research on your own
  • - Developing original ideas
  • - Understanding and implementing research papers
  • - Vision Deep Learning models and methods
  • - Structuring your work on new topics
  • - Self-supervised and representation learning

Additionally, it would be great if you already have experience in any of the following:

  • - Efficient Deep Learning models
  • - Model Compression
  • - Knowledge Distillation
  • - TVM
  • - ONNX & ONNX Runtime
  • - PyTorch Mobile
  • - Computer Vision
  • - Working in a research lab/group as PhD candidate/postdoc
Job Benefits

What we can offer you:

You will be working with an interdisciplinary team of seasoned experts in the fields of Deep Learning, embedded computer vision, mobile app development, backend services and professional DevOps with learning opportunities abound. Together with us you will work on highly innovative products employing cutting edge technologies pushing the state of the art.

We provide a dynamic and interdisciplinary working environment where you will play a major role in shaping the technology and solution stack of the company. Hence, you can expect continuous exposure to interesting challenges and new technologies adding important experiences to your existing skill set.

We combine a familiar working environment with an ambitious commercial and technological vision. We are in a great position to realize this vision given our strong funding situation and a wide commercial network.

In addition to a competitive compensation package, we offer you co-ownership into the company through a significant equity package so that you can benefit from the commercial success of our joint efforts.

In short you will be joining a very promising and exciting venture.


Please send your application to info [at] nomitri.com

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Position: Senior Deep Learning Research Engineer

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