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Back End Developer

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We are looking for a backend engineer to assist our cutting-edge work on embedded Deep Learning delivered through our mobile apps. In this role you would drive the development of the backend components of our different products collaborating closely with our experienced mobile, DevOps and Deep Learning experts. As the company grows, you will naturally grow into increasingly senior roles.

A lot of our work is cutting-edge, oftentimes going beyond the current state of the art, so we are also looking for someone who --aside from the necessary experience-- comes with a passion for research and fast prototyping and a natural curiosity towards new fields and approaches.

We work in interdisciplinary, agile and multi-cultural teams, hence English is the working language.


In your role, you would help us to

  • - design, implement and improve our backend (REST Services)
  • - design the necessary databases, services and communication endpoints
  • - work closely with our DevOps experts to ensure reliable CI/ CD
  • - connect our internal backend services to external parties (customers)

Required Skill-Set

For this role we expect you to have:

  • - Strong understanding of Java and Object Oriented Principles. (1-2 years of development experience)
  • - Good understanding of testing and testing frameworks (i.e. Junit)
  • - Basic understanding of Spring boot and hibernate platforms.
  • - Good understanding of relational databases.

Additionally, it would be great if you already have any of the following:

  • - Basic understanding of AMQP (i.e. RabbitMQ).
  • - Good understanding of REST principles.
  • - Basic understanding of Docker and Kubernetes.
  • - Basic understanding of Frontend development technologies (i.e. React)
  • - Basic understanding of Agile processes and SW development lifecycle.
  • - B1 or above Level in German to manage external partnerships.
Job Benefits

What we can offer you:

In your role you will be working with an interdisciplinary team of seasoned experts in the fields of backend and mobile app development, embedded computer vision, deep learning and professional DevOps with learning opportunities abound. Together with us you will work on highly innovative products employing cutting edge technologies often pushing the state of the art.

We combine a familiar working environment with an ambitious commercial and technological vision. We are in a great position to realize this vision given our strong funding situation and a wide commercial network.

Within the backend team you will be working with a very experienced senior developer from which we are sure you will learn a lot. As the company grows, you will also help us to expand the backend team. Therefore, there will be natural room for you to grow into leadership positions if this is something you are aspiring to.

In addition to a competitive compensation package, we offer you co-ownership into the company through a significant equity package so that you can benefit from the commercial success of our joint efforts.

In short you will be joining a very promising and exciting venture.

About Nomitri GmbH

Our amazing engineering team combines experienced experts in the fields of Deep Learning, embedded Computer Vision and Mobile and Backend development, supported by equally experienced DevOps and Network admin experts.

This rare combination enables us to work on cutting edge Deep Learning solutions in an efficient scalable development and deployment pipeline and integrate these solutions into professional and commercially viable applications.

We currently have three PHDs on the team with a strong publication record in Deep Learning and Computer Vision and our technical team members have an average experience of >8 years.


  • - team of professionals with diverse backgrounds
  • - share options package (SOP)
  • - Fast and dynamic decision making
  • - research driven culture
  • - solution oriented, not ego-driven team
  • - fast learning curve
  • - office in the heart of Berlin
  • - high-end hardware infrastructure

Please send your application to info [at] nomitri.com

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Position: Back End Developer

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